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Icon Best / BMAX series – Aluminum With Polycarbonate

BMAX series – Aluminum With Polycarbonate

■ Powder Coating Aluminum

■ Durable & Weather Resistant

■ 3mm Leeson Board which is 99% UV protection



Item No. Item Description Material Color
BMAX1200A-L Aluminum Canopy/Awning
Size: 120x90X15cm
Powder Coated Aluminum Board:
3mm Polycarbonate (99% UV protection both sides)
Frame: Black

Tinted / Dark Grey

BMAX1500A-L Aluminum Canopy/Awning

Size: 150x90X15cm



Wind resistant – Wind tunnel tested to Cat-12 typhoon speed 34m/s duration 10mins from above and below

Impact resistant – Tested in lab for impacting that the awning is in good condition under 5kgs iron ball hit the board from 1 meter height without crack or broken.

Chemical resistant – Immersed for 1 year in various cleaning agents, average discoloration was less than 1%

Exposure resistant – Tested in Florida for exposure resulting in less than 3% change in color over 3 years. Passed International standard tests at temperature from -45°C to +125°C.